Our goal is to help you redesign, reorganize and improve your clinical research infrastructure, streamline and standardize your clinical research practice and operationalize your systems.  By investing in the operations of your clinical research practices, you will be able to recruit and retain the strongest clinical investigators and research staff into your organization.
"Turnover rates of clinical investigators are double what they were 10 years ago.  Nearly half of all principal investigators will not return to the clinical research enterprise after completing a clinical trial."  (Reference Getz, K.  Applied Clinical Trials 2005 Sep; 14 (9):34-6)
Articles such as this demonstrate the complexities involved in participating in site research.  There is the regulatory component, and finance, clinical knowledge and systems that need to be implemented.  Without organized clinical research practice in place, many investigators find the complexities burdensome and frustrating. 
Rhonda Larsen, founder of Site Research Solutions, has the experience and insight to help you restructure your clinical research department into a state of the art facility.   A graduate of the Duke Physician Assistant program, Rhonda directed the heart failure research program and then all of cardiovascular site based research for 10 years.  As Associate Vice Chair for Clinical Research at Duke University Medical Center, best clinical practices and systems were addressed to help standardize practices for those participating in clinical research.  
Ms. Larsen also created the infrastructure and organization for Saint Joseph's Research Institute (Atlanta Georgia), while serving as its Chief Operating Officer.  There she reorganized and restructured the clinical research operations, and within 4 months was able to turn the finances around to be more aligned with the operating budget.  With her team, she standardized budget templating, along with trial metric reports, and systems to evaluate capacity planning, and resource utilization.  They also implemented a software system to track patient data for those enrolled in clinical research, as well as budget forecasting tools.  
As a consultant, Ms. Larsen travels to community hospitals, academic hospitals, and research facilities to assess your capabilities and systems to participate in clinical research.  She will provide her expertise in helping your organization become a successful clinical research site.  Services provided include, but are not limited to:  evaluating job descriptions, organization charts, financial tracking, system for selecting what research trials to participate in, and operating budgets. Facilities will receive a full written report documenting findings and suggested recommendations. 
We recognize that each organization is unique, and we will work with you to customize our services to meet your needs.  Contact us to learn how we can help you.

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